chronotext is a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time

twitter maze

A spiral shaped maze is generated using the top trending topics from Twitter during the last 24 hours. The whole maze is a suite of blocks (one for each topic, 20 topics for each hour), starting from the center (the most recent topics) and spiraling outwards. The height of each block is relative to the frequency of appearance (24 hours wise) of the topic it represents.

Twitter Maze was originally created for Written Images, «a generative book that presents programmed images by various artists. Each print in process will be calculated individually – which makes every single book unique».

The original program was headless, only capable of producing high-resolution (4080x2720) images...
It has now become an interactive application for Mac and PC, soon to be followed by an iPad version.

Technically speaking, Twitter Maze relies on OpenGL and the software toolkit developed over the years at for rendering thousands of text characters in real-time.

Keywords: twitter | trends | visualization | generative | written-images | text | experimental | opengl | 3d